Intelligent Green-screen.

iGreen creates data extraction functions that display, report and export data from any DB2 database.

iGreen transforms the Green-Screen into an Excel-like interface. Infinite screen width, select the columns to display as you go, and cascade to other, linked inquiries. The displayed data can also be printed or exported as .csv or fully-formatted Excel.

iGreen data extraction and presentation functions can be created and deployed in an hour or two, no more endless user request lists. iGreen slips seamlessly into existing infrastructure and skill-sets, nothing new but user satisfaction. Goodbye to the dull and difficult Green-Screen, hello to a modern, colourful, powerful presentation interface.

iGreen is ‘load and go’ software, install today and use tomorrow.

Major Features

  • Inquiries that Scroll left and right.
  • User-Defined field format with colour.
  • Hide/Show any Column or Row.
  • Mouse-Enabled.
  • Touch-Screen Enabled.
  • Single Key download to Excel.
  • Field and/or Record level Security.
  • Fluid output format (Screen/Report/File).
  • User formats output at runtime.
  • Data extract functions created in minutes, not months.
  • User can change screen layouts.
  • No re-Validation after change, no compiled object.
  • Export to csv or Excel..
  • Cascade to logically linked Inquiries.
  • Automatically adjusts for database changes.
  • All SQL functions supported.

Seeing is believing – please watch our product videos to get a better understanding of iGreen and how it can transform your iSeries applications.