Modernise your IBM i legacy applications.

Typical IBM i legacy applications are strong in many areas; they are well aligned with the business objectives and are tried and trusted by your user community. The deficiencies lie in the user experience, the “Green-Screen” is dull, dated and difficult to change.

iGreen leaves your application exactly as it is, simply adding new functions for on-screen inquiry, reporting, data export and download into Excel; without any change to your infrastructure. No new hardware, no migration, no learning curve, no business direction.



Between us we have over 80 years of IBM mid-range experience; some of us have fond memories of S/36 and S38 as well as AS/400 and iSeries. If you have an issue, we have probably seen it before. Please get in contact and let us advise you.



If you are migrating from an IBM iSeries legacy application, one of your major tasks is exporting your data. iGreen is an ideal tool for this task. iGreen creates the necessary extract functions very quickly and then there is a choice of exports to either a CSV file or a fully-formatted Excel spreadsheet.


Data Mining

Typical IBM iSeries applications contain a vast reservoir of useful data, most of which is inaccessible by the user community. Without iGreen, giving users access is too expensive and time-consuming; with iGreen it is quick, cheap and easy.